Never Give Up! Manzul & Malik

August 2, 2021

Manzul and Malik are TV hosts for RTBF Belgium and professional calisthenics athletes. They share what they’ve learnt from living as a holistic and motivational beings, finding their passion, and being in the service of others. Plus, they give you 4-5 powerful tips to never give up on your dreams!

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Two brothers, entrepreneurs, professional Calisthenics athletes, tv hosts, motivational human beings, and creators of the crew “Wolf’s Bar”. Today we’re pleased to be interviewing Manzul and Malik about their journey, career and dreams. Enjoy the interview and take notes – because they give you 4-5 powerful tips to NEVER GIVE UP on your dreams!

What is your morning routine?

Manzul: I always to do something special, I always wake up at 4-5 a.m., I do meditation for 5 minutes, also known as visualization, then I stretch for 5-10 minutes and I start to work on a project until 8-9 a.m. Then I start my personal training sessions. That’s my routine. For me it is the most effective way to start the day – It’s when I choose how I want the rest of my day to go.

Malik: The first thing I do as soon as I wake up is stretching. Scientists say that stretching in the morning helps you to begin your day in a positive way. I dedicate some time to my spirituality and to feed my soul. Then I give some fuel to my body – a complete breakfast. I am not in a good mood if I don’t eat.

Tell us about the beginning and how you started?

Manzul: We have begun 8 years ago, in October 2013. We’ve started to do pull-ups in the park, just for fun, and after one month we figured out that we became stronger, not only physically but also mentally. We’ve realized that if we continued doing this sport (street workout), we could achieve great results. For several months, we have focused on training training training, bodyweight training only. We committed to the development of Calisthenics, in Brussels, and we set up a file with a very specific project: the construction of a Calisthenics park in the Belgian capital. Today, there are 7 parks created as a result of our initiative, and thousands of young people are positively influenced thanks to these parks.

Malik: In the beginning, I was not very confident about myself and my body. I knew I had to change my daily habits and my lifestyle. That’s why I started to working out and practicing Callisthenics. It really changed my life! I gained muscle and especially confidence. I’ve realized I was good at Callisthenics and I wanted to perform. I think one of the hardest things in life is to know in which area you are good at. My brother Manzul and I had the chance to discover it – thank God! That’s also why we did our best to become the best in Callisthenics.

In 2014, we’ve met 4 other guys who shared the same passion. If you are surrounded by people who share the same vision as you do, you will always be successful. We’ve created the Wolf’s Bar team and through this incredible experience, we had the chance to perform shows all around the world (Beyrouth, Las Vegas, Helsinki, Koln, Brussels, Barcelona, …). We’ve had also the chance to perform in TV shows and that’s how we became famous (France Got Talents, Belgium Got Talents, Tu si que Vales, Ninja Warriors,…).

When the first lockdown took place, my brother and I gave free workout sessions on IG. After a few weeks, a TV producer spotted us and he liked our energy. That’s how we became TV hosts on a Belgian national channel (RTBF) in March 2020. This opportunity proved us that when you do something with passion, you are always rewarded.

How did your journey shape your career?

Manzul and Malik: We came from the bottom. We weren’t born in Belgium and it was not easy for us. Our parents always told us to work twice more than people who were born here, in Belgium, if we wanted to get a chance in life. My brother and I were hungry wolves… and we still are!

Can you tell us 4-5 tips to never give up on dreams?

Manzul: First of all, you have to set a goal for training, for working out or for a project that you want to develop, otherwise it’s difficult to succeed because you don’t know where you are going… So the first step is setting up a goal. Step number 2 is to have discipline. This is the most important thing, you have to stop nightclubs, avoid useless friends, cut going out, everything that makes you distracted. You have to wake up at 6 a.m. to become a more productive person and make discipline your highest priority.

#3 – surround yourself by real friends that support you, push you and inspire you to level up – go higher and higher – to the top… And not friends that put you down. If you see that someone is not useful for your goal career at this moment of your life, you have to remove him for a bit and focus on YOU! Just let that person go.

#4 – It’s something that I always do because it’s really powerful – write. Everything you want, about your dreams, your goals, your vision. You have to visualize the life that you want… The manifesting equation helps you co-create with the energy that is around you. Write down everything about your life – remember that you create your own history. I also write about where I came from, where I want to go and the struggles I’m facing.

Tip number 5 – The easiest thing is WORK. Action! One foot forward. Don’t think too much, just do what you have to do. Because everyone knows what they have to do in life. Everyone has a purpose, a goal in this life. Don’t think too much and when you are scared about something, you have to empty your mind and go forward it. Fear doesn’t exist. “C’est intangible”. Fear is an illusion. If you can be stronger than the fear, you can achieve all the goals in the world. All you need to do is work, one step at a time, and take action.

Malik: My 4 tips to anyone to never give up on dreams:

* Never forget why you started.

* Never give up because if you do, giving up will become an option in your life decisions.

* Rest is important. It happens to everyone to lose motivation sometimes. We are not robots, sometimes our souls can get tired and need rest too. That’s ok and the most important is to come back stronger.

* Surround yourself with people who give you positive energy. There is nothing worse than « vampires » who will steal your energy.

Do you have any advice for the millennial generation about dreams and success?

Manzul: Just follow what I said above (tip number 4). Write about your dreams, believe in your dreams (and in YOURSELF), don’t be scared, and remember that everything is possible in this world. Every single day I realize that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE, someday we’ll even be able to fly and show everyone they’re wrong.

Malik: As I already said, the most important is to find what you are good at. Once you find it, just go for it.

UAU! We loved everything they said and we agree 100%. We first met these two wolves back in 2018! We get tremendous inspiration out of their Instagram every day and we can honestly say it’s gratifying to see them grow. Follow them on social media (below) and send a lot of love to these two amazing and motivating human beings.

With light and love, Vanessa & Sara.

Instagram Manzul | Facebook Manzul

Instagram Malik | Facebook Malik

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  1. Suliman says:

    2 brothers who can be really proud of what they achieved.
    They’re very inspiring for many people and still invest their time help others.
    Most import of all, they’re always humble, which proves they got a beautiful education by their parents.
    I really hope that God helps you both achieve your dreams.
    Don’t stop fighting for it.

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