How Yoga Can Save And Transform Your Life With Mila Victoria

August 13, 2021

Victoria Bardiau, the creator of milavictoriayoga, entrepreneur and yoga teacher joins the girls this week! This is a super honest interview that covers it all…like overcoming disappointment when life doesn’t turn out the way you desire, changing and following what excites you, making your passion your business, making your business a strong ethical yoga brand, dealing with profound inner healing and being able to free yourself from your past and much more.

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The girls take it back to Victoria’s background and career as a Yoga teacher + woman entrepreneur. They track her path, the disappointments, unexpected changes, the massive personal and professional growth. In the midst of her life changes, Mila created a responsible brand ‘MILAVICTORIAYOGA‘ from a passion for yoga and a deep desire to preserve the planet while having a positive social impact. This interview is a shining example of why Vanessa and Sara love interviewing people for VS. Take inspo of this epic conversation!  As always, it is REAL AF. 

Before moving on to the interview, we want to share how we got to know Mila. Both stories are funny and unexpected.

Sara: Yoga has the power to connect. It connects you to your mind, body, spirit, and people. I remember when I saw Mila for the first time. I was in YogaRoom, my favorite studio in Brussels. As an introvert expat I’ve never found easy to speak with people and I was doing a lot of things alone. I was trying to connect with new people but my limiting beliefs were constantly telling me that people here already had their friends and that it was hard to meet people. One day, Mila put the yoga mat beside me. For the first time, someone said ‘good morning’ to me and her contagious energy; simplicity and kindness made me find her on instagram and since that day, she became a source of inspiration for me.

Vanessa: I was a few days away from moving to Australia and I told my sister that my dream was to find a housemate with the same interests, living a holistic, free and authentic life. Sara told me right away “I know a yoga teacher from Belgium who is living there, I’ll send you her Instagram”. As soon as I saw Mila’s photos on social media, I felt her incredible energy, a girl full of good vibes. I contacted her by DM and we shared a lot of messages and audios. The idea was to live together. But covid arrived and barred me from entering Australia (until today). The work she does has become an inspiration to me and her yoga mat is my current fav of all time. I use it to meditate, pray, do my morning workouts or practice yoga.

Tell us about your morning routine. Do you have one or you go with the flow?

I actually go with the flow! I do have some stuff that I never skip like making my bed, drinking my morning coffee, moving (sport or yoga in the morning). I miss a real routine, I now have more time and space to create one, so I’m gonna recreate my own routine.

WHO is Mila? Can you tell us about your background? How you got started in this online community, your career as a Yoga teacher and where are you today?

My actual real name is Victoria but people call me Mila. It comes from Kimi Mila which means butterfly in Lakota. I think I can say I’m like a butterfly. I’m curious, joyful, full of life, afraid of the ephemeral, enjoying every second of my life as much as I can. Like a butterfly, I was reborn several times and grew a lot from difficult experiences in my life. Those experiences made me who I am today. My biggest heartbreak (actually 2 but with the same man) was the most intense and beautiful thing I’ve ever lived until now. It made me discover yoga after the first heartbreak and it made me start my yoga teacher training when we got back together. My career started when I decided to work as a full-time yoga teacher after being a housewife for 2 years, which gave me the opportunity to dive deeper into my yoga journey and enabled me to practice every day.

Today, I have an online yoga platform, a yoga accessory brand, and a community on Instagram. I started all those communities by sharing my personal and professional experiences in a very authentic way, I show the downsides of my life as much as the good sides, I try to be as transparent as possible because we all live difficult experiences but I feel like nobody really shares or shows them. I really want to break this image of the perfect life because that’s not reality and it can create, as it did for me, a lot of sadness and frustration to believe a dream people wanna show which is far away from reality.

How to overcome disappointment when life doesn’t turn out the way you desire (and how to turn it into a catalyst for massive growth)

My life today has only been a myriad of disappointments and unexpected changes. It never went according to plan. At first I was so sad, so heartbroken, so desperate. It was with the help of the team, through healing and faith that I actually believed something better was waiting for me. I think giving me the time to be sad was good but if I had to do it all over again, I’d kick myself a bit faster in the ass, go out for walks, workout, go to yoga even on the darkest days. I think the most important thing is to stick to the things that make me feel good and do them, no matter what. Because in the end, if I’m not feeling good, how the hell will I climb that mountain?

How to access deep inner healing and free yourself from your past?

I personally love ayahuasca and it has helped me and saved me as much as yoga. It gave me the opportunity to free myself from conscious and unconscious pains and traumas, it has healed many wounds and made my heart lighter and more open. To me, it’s all about love. If I can heal my heart in order to do all the things with love, then I’m on the right path.

How to tap into the incredible healing power? How YOGA IS AN AMAZING TOOL?

Yoga is medicine. It’s crazy. I’ve been suffering from thyroid problems and when I practice on a regular almost daily basis, my problems fade away. Yoga really helps me to connect with my body, to become conscious of my thoughts, my fears, my wounds. It opens up my heart, it gives me the time and space to sit with my emotions, deal with my shit and live with a more grateful heart.

How can we bring YOGA from the mat to our life?

In every single second and every single aspect of life. I always say that my yoga mat is the mirror of my life. What I unlock on my mat, unlocks in my life and vice versa. Our body speaks and yoga gives us the time and space to listen. Silence holds so many answers. All I gotta do is be able to listen to it.

We know we say this a lot, but we loved this conversation. Mila has an incredible gift for turning vulnerability into actionable insights for LOVE. She explains things so simply, yet so powerfully, you can *feel* her mission into place in your heart. When her name comes up in conversation or when she’s close, there’s an uplifting energy. It’s amazing! We hope you felt that through this post.

With light and love, Vanessa & Sara

Website: www.milavictoriayoga.com

Instagram: @milavictoriayoga

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