A Vegan Piece of Heaven

September 30, 2021

Angel, you know that I’m a chocolate fan! It’s funny… I never really was until my pregnancy. I found the best combo ever: dark choco + coconut + almonds = dreamland

Today I share with you the recipe for these raw slices – super-rich in fiber (the secret for a healthy gut) and healthy fats (for glowing skin). Girl, you already know that I don’t like labels. But I have to tell you that these slices are vegan, with real ingredients, raw, gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free. You can thank me later.

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A Vegan Piece of Heaven Recipe

Girl, I didn’t invent this recipe by myself. I don’t know if I saw these slices a few years ago on Youtube of Sara’s Day or another Australian Youtuber. But I know that I am absolutely obsessed with this healthy treat! I hope you enjoy cooking this recipe as much as I do! if you have any questions or feedback please comment down below. Don’t forget to send me your picture or tag me on Instagram @sarabrites

Love, Sara

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A Vegan Piece of Heaven

A Vegan Piece of Heaven

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