How Going Vegan Can Change Your World With Rated V

November 1, 2021

Rated V joins us to discuss what it means to be a vegan being, and how eating a plant-based whole food diet influences the way we connect with others and experience the world, along with changing the lifestyle that keeps us in alignment with our power.

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How Going Vegan Can Change Your World? Today we are sitting down with a vegan food blogger, Eunice, the creator of Rated V, a channel focused on exciting people about plant-based food and where to find it. She inspires everyone to embrace and to live a plant-based journey because life should be lived in color!. To kick off this empowering interview, we explore what it means to focus our energy on a meaningful and healthy lifestyle without stopping exploring new places (she is now in Tulum, Mexico). For Eunice, this includes knowing that veganism is more than veggie food. It is a lifestyle change associated with a holistic way of living. She shares tips for starting a vegan diet (and remaining sane), finding balance in eating a whole food diet, and her work’s biggest challenges (because girl, let’s be real – the word “vegan” is a marketing thing for so many companies).

We are very excited about this interview because bringing such inspiring guests leaves us inspired as well and we both think the questions asked today are really GOOD and that you will love them! She even told us: “GREAT questions that you have listed”.Yes, yes, yes!!! 100%

A great friend and family member Jessica Lobo (Vanessa’s godmother) spoke to us about Eunice with such enthusiasm and made such a fantastic post about veganism, identifying several channels of people who were inspiring her on her personal journey, that we went to explore Eunice’s digital world and we were captivated by his passion for veganism, energy (the photos on his Instagram really convey good energy) and her passion for what she does to the world. She also shows that it’s possible to travel doing what you love and eating healthy and plant-based foods. Everything that we here at VS have manifested – inspire the world, show the creation of a new reality (dream life) and be of service to the world (do a BIG DIFFERENCE as a human).

Do you have a morning routine? Can you share with us what are your favorite options for breakfast?

100% yes! I usually have some small spiritual time in the morning, prayer, and devotion. Then I always start with a morning workout whenever possible even if it’s just 10 min abs, but 30min is ideal. Even when I travel, depending on where I am I try to incorporate exercise. (Maybe not every morning but I still try haha).

Favorite breakfast. I’m Salvadoran so eat HEARTY food in the mornings. One of my favorite things to eat is actually a very typical Salvadoran breakfast but veganized 😉 It’s a slice of toasted french bread, oil-free red refried beans, cashew crema, and avocado. I’ll sometimes top it with justegg and hemp seeds for extra protein if I’m extra hungry. I joke around and like to call this the Salvadoran avocado toast. Other favorites are whole-grain toast with peanut butter vegan honey and banana. Tofu scramble a la ranchera with lightly oiled pan-fried plantains, Salvadoran beans, cashew crema, and handmade corn tortillas. All with Café con Leche of course 😉 I like adding steamed oat milk to my coffee.

You’re a huge vegan foodie and your work (and mission) + your youtube channel is all about plant-based foods. You believe that “veganism is about connecting people back to nature”. Tell us what’s your reasons for living a vegan lifestyle and how do you explore the world as a travel blogger being vegan (your best tips are welcome here)

My main driver was health reasons. There are so many health studies out there that confirm that our human bodies aren’t designed to consume meat or dairy and after watching numerous documentaries like ‘What The Health’, I simply couldn’t keep ignoring how much information I knew, so becoming vegan was the way I needed to go. Not to mention all the ethical and sustainable reasons to transition. Also, my Christian faith background was always very health and plant-based focused so growing up I was always exposed to so many different plant-based foods and their health benefits. So I really didn’t have any good excuses to not be vegan *ahahah* When it comes to exploring the world I always like to eat local cuisine vegan style. I usually do research on popular non-vegan dishes and then Google the vegan versions of that. For example, if I’m in Thailand or Mexico I’m not going to try and find avocado toast to eat! Culture is spoken so much through its food and it’s such a great way to connect with people and the owners and learn their reasons for becoming plant-based. Another thing I always tell people is to not be afraid of going to non-vegan options and asking them to make a vegan version of something local. Sometimes it can be surprisingly delicious… yes sometimes it’s a fail, but it’s nice to be open. 

How someone can switch to a vegan-friendly life and remain sane?

DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR FAVORITE FOODS! Basically, anything can be veganized nowadays, so simply find the best healthy option whoever possible to recreate your favorite dishes and you will be happy. Also when traveling it’s always great to do a bit of research before just so you can know how to plan. I like searching via Instagram hashtags example #veganportland because locals post there and you can visually see what food you want to try. 

We all know the importance of eating WHOLE FOODS. Vegan, pre-vegan, non-vegan, all kinds of people – need to eat whole foods if they want to be healthy. One thing that we find interesting with our clients (through coaching sessions 1:1) is they struggle with following a balanced and healthy plant-based meal and they don’t give themselves permission to eat comfort foods on a vegan diet. It is true that processed vegan foods are growing faster than ever on the market and you can gain weight and drive your health to a dark place if you keep eating fast-foods/processed foods/low vibration foods. At VS we respect all bodies, all needs, all preferences of eating, all personal and physical goals… But WE BELIEVE in BALANCE. Balance balance balance IS the key to a happy life, a happy body, a happy soul, a happy mind. A plant-based diet can be a great long-term strategy for health. How do you balance whole foods and comfort foods? Do you follow that “80/20 rule”?

Yes 80/20 is the way to go. I don’t like to restrict myself from anything but I do believe in moderation. I 100% believe whole foods are the way we should be eating but let’s be real, we all get cravings *lol*For example, at home I’ll always try to cook “meaty” dishes with mushrooms or jackfruit, cauliflower, chickpeas etc instead of using meat substitutes because overall it will have more fiber, less sodium and more nutrients etc and HOWEVER! I’m not about to resist epic food haha. I was recently in Mexico City and there were many places that made their own seitan al pastor tacos or soy meat . This is not a vegetable but I wasn’t about to pass this up! It’s still whole grain right? I always enjoy giant cheesy burgers on occasion and I don’t feel bad about indulging in it. Same with dessert! I love vegan ice cream and cake etc. Your diet is like budgeting. If you feel like one day you splurge then you compensate the next meal or day with something healthier or lighter.

Your work is absolutely amazing. You’re helping restaurants through your consulting services, sharing plant-based tips with your followers through your social media platforms and giving your honest review about products/services you love! The world is changing – based on the most recent United Nations estimates the world population in 2021 is 7.9 billion. Therefore, as of January 2021, the total number of vegans in the world is approximately 79 million. WOW!!!! Whether for health reasons, climate change or animal welfare, vegan statistics show the plant-based population continues to spike. The word “vegan” is trendy, that’s for sure, but still has some myths surrounding it. What are the biggest challenges you find in your work – people mindset, people resistance to change, fake companies, fake products (“unhealthy/health”) – if any!

It’s truly amazing how much the vegan scene has grown and how much variation I have seen in different countries but surprisingly there are still a lot of people who think it’s a diet that lacks flavor or is basically salad. I have some friends that automatically change their mindset about something I ask them to try just because I say it’s vegan. They automatically tell themselves it’s not going to taste that good. Another example is more education on what vegan food can be is still much needed. For example, vegan food that commercially available on planes, airports, lounges etc still has room for LOTS of improvement. I mean raise your hand if you’d had one of those bread, cucumber and tomato sandwiches and NOTHING else On a plane haha. There is still a lot of negativity on recreations of vegan meats and cheese and how people say it’s fake but I always remind people that if we want to move people away from eating animals then there needs to be substitutes to help in the transition process with good people gravitate toward. 

wow, we loved it! Super smart answers and good insights. If you’re like us and you love connecting with people full of energy, explore Rated V work further. Here at VS we inspire you to be more plant-based. We’ve been bringing more and more vegan people here to move you towards health and wellness, help you to reach a healthy weight, vibrate health, be love and light. To have all of that you can start eating 75% of food from plants. Not everyone is meant to be vegan, but if we’re all more plant-fed, we’re helping the world and serving our bodies with a lot of love. Today we challenge you to incorporate a fully plant-based meal a day. Always remember that lasting changes come from small changes. Let’s change the world! Lots of love, Vanessa & Sara

Website: https://www.consciousthelabel.com/

Instagram: @ratedvfood

YouTube: Rated V For Vegan

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