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The VS Podcast is a weekly show where you can expect an incredible mix of interviews with personal development leaders and international health experts in both languages English (EN) and Portuguese (PT). Leave a comment and rate the podcast, because together we will inspire more and more people. 

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The VS Podcast is a lifestyle podcast that covers everything from modern spirituality, health and wellness, entrepreneurship, and self development. You can expand your mind, shift your perspective about life, & treat your body & mind with more love 

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True Healing

Through interviews with amazing guests and conversations, you can start your own healing process. Get inspiration to change the stories that you create about yourself and start looking for balance. When that balance is in place, your true self is really, really good to taking care of you.

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Powerfull Community

A community with people like you! Kind humans with a huge passion for transformation, friendship, and personal growth. Here, in this podcast, we created a community that shares love and radiates light. Here you can be safe and relaxed. We are friends and we spend quality time. We are one!


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Embrace Your True Self with
Rafaela Duarte (PT)

Create Your Dream Life
Meditation, Self-Love and Finding Purpose (PT)

Stop Dieting and Find Food Freedom with Rita Coutinho (PT)

How to Make a Big Career Change When You're Afraid to Fail with Mariana Martinho (PT)

Anorexia, Self-Sabotage and Leaky Gut with Vanessa Brites (PT)


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I am bringing in my favorite astrologist to give you the energy update on the Mercury Retrograde so that you can prepare appropriately. Astrology is a mixture of science and intuition, and it’s fascinating to hear Elisabete explaining about this common theme. She gives you a survival guide for this stage!

The Truth About Mercury Retrograde with Elisabete Tomas


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About Me

I haven't always been on this self-development journey. I spent years and years, degrading my physical, mental and emotional health, with restrictive diets, negative thoughts, toxic relationships and stuck in a life that I didn't want... I haven't always been in great shape...  But right now, by practicing what I preach, I feel fantastic.

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The VS Podcast is YOUR space to learn and grow with a community of light workers, healers, highly sensitive people like you. You'll learn, explore, and do the inner work by yourself (but aside with your best friends).
Remember we are community. We are LOVE!

My superpower is helping women become the best version of themselves while pursuing the kind of life they actually want.... one with abundant freedom, LOVE, joy, and peace. 

- joana carreira

"No matter what time or what I'm feeling, my days change with this show. The certainty is that after listening this podcast, I am always happier and more confident"

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- NONO Pereira

"Sara's work is incredible, each episode of the podcast has an important meaning in changing my life! Listen, it's really worth it"

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In order to heal or optimize your health, you must accept that good things can come easily when you have balance. Download my golden rule to achieve more health and become the healthier and happier of yourself!

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