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Free Your Mind is a 6-week, coaching-based training program that teaches easy, smart, scientific and spiritual strategies to women who want to thrive and feel joyful, inspired, purposeful and empowered.

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Free Your Mind can fast-track your growth and save you years of expensive trial and error. We’ve already helped hundreds of women to create a new identity and build a new reality. We’d be grateful to work with you too.

Dive into your own healing requires commitment, clarity and the ability to execute consistently on the right strategies. Without a guidance, the process can be overwhelming.

You don't have to do it alone.

Real talk:

How It Works

The entire program is based online so you can participate from home. All course materials (videos, MP3s, transcripts, growth assignments), and additional resources are within our online member area.

100 % online

 You can slow down and work on your own schedule. Remember that building a new identity that matters isn’t a 6-week, linear event. This is your healing process... For life!

Learn At Your Own Pace

Free Your Mind is intensive and challenging. I guide you in topics like health, meditation, spirituality and relationships. This course is filled with everything you need to experience miraculous shifts.

a personal coach 

Eight years ago, I was broke, tired and overwhelmed.

My life was based on fear:
- fear of not succeeding
- fear of criticism
- fear of judgments
- fear of not being liked by others
- fear of not being beautiful
- fear of disappointing someone.

This lack of love and self-awareness, made me fall into the vicious cycle of eating disorders - bulimia and binge eating - that led me to develop irritable bowel syndrome.

It wasn't until I took full ownership my life, my circumstances, my choices, my past, and my feminine power, that I was able to create that exact life I dreamed, which is the life I live today - where I thrive and feel joyful, inspired, purposeful and empowered - A FEARLESS WOMAN!

i can help because i've been there


Here's What You'll Get In Free Your Mind


A real sensation that you’re getting the right things done, for your health, mind and soul - thoughts feelings and actions.

program to activate your brain

Uplevel your ability to build new neural pathways and connections that'll train your brain to achieve success in this lifetime.


A stress-free learning environment to maximize growth and results. I want to show you how to get your energy into such a powerful point of attraction that you feel AMAZING even when things aren’t working out the way you planned. You'll learn everything you need to know to Take Responsibility for Your Life (And most important of all) how to empower yourself to live a rewarding, joyful and fulfilling life. OH GIRL, YOU'LL HAVE YOUR CONFIDENCE BACK That'll Make You Feel Unstoppable!

"Thank you for your unconditional support and dedication, and for the honest way you work. Thank you for your organization, detail and attention to me and your love. The pillars I learned are now part of my routine and they are fundamental in my life."

- ana

Re-build Your Identity & Embrace Your Deepest Needs, Desires, Strengths, Fears, Values and Beliefs. 

How does this sound?

Understand Your Belief System & Stop Your Limiting Beliefs. 



the modules you're going to get:

Understand Your Emotions and Find Ways to Feel Good Always (No Matter What!)


Kick That "I Hate My Body" Syndrome and Stretch Your Self-Love Muscle and Feel Confident.


Start To Be In Tune with Your Personal Nutrition Needs & Make Informed and Intuitive choices Every Day.


Be The Protagonist - The Only One - of Your Life & Change Your Lifestyle
- Stress-Free Days, Deepest Purpose, Sensual Feeling, Soul Sisters, Committed Partnership, Trust in The Universe. 


BONUS | Dream & Vision Mapping. 


"This program made me feel grateful for who I am, for what I have, value my time and prioritize myself.

The most significant change I was getting pregnant. I had been trying for almost a year and stress and anxiety did not allow it, meditation completely changed my nervous system. Also, the energy that Sara emanates changes anyone. She is a force of nature, determined, professional, caring and dedicated. A source of positive energy and positivism. I recommend Sara's program to everyone. It is a wonderful experience."



Yes, It Really Works

"We can even get a sense of things in theory, but it helps a lot to have someone who makes us think and question what we feel and want, especially someone who has been through similar situations.

This program helped me to realize that the only person that keeps me from being who I want to be is MYSELF. I learned to criticize me a lot less and to be calmer with myself - to forgive myself. The road to self-love is a long one, but 'good things take time' and I've learned that it's perfectly normal for this path not to be a straight line. I am so grateful for the impact it has made in my life. Thank you 💛"


radiotherapy technologist

"When I enrolled to Free Your Mind with Sara I had 3 major goals: start new habits and routines, understand why I think or do things in a certain way and to improve my relationship with food."

Sara helped me to realize how powerful I am. I'm capable of doing everything I want and dream about. I worked a lot in my limiting beliefs and now I can see different perspectives. I don't label food anymore and I eat everything in moderation (it's always about balance)! I loved the course. I learned a lot of techniques that I didn't know about and that I'll use for the rest of my life. It was very profound & intense - I start to letting go of the past, accept what I cannot change and living in the present moment.  Sara is valuable for everyone that needs balance in life.


chief nuclear medicine technologist

“The biggest change I've had since the beginning of this program has been the ability to look inward, to follow my intuition and not dramatize my life.
I acquired a new mantra and a new truth for me - I'm beautiful!

"Alice"* Got her whole life in order again

I would recommend Sara to everyone. Even someone who's OKAY with herself. It's a program for everyone!! Not just those who don't feel good about their bodies"

*Alice is not the real name of the client. 

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Is This Right For You?

you want to find your balance and stop your sick behavior around  FOOD AND your body image

Embody your most authentic self and become magnetic  

you have a growing professional career and want to activate your confidence 

You're so tired of diets, counting calories and restriction

you want Believe in yourself, your decisions, what truly matters to you

you imagine yourself Powerfully speak your truth

Confidently and unapologetically become more than your physical body

you've a deep desire to heal your relationship with food, exercise and beauty standards & heal your life

you want to reprogram your brain to feel good every day, with your body, relationships, career, spirituality and life in general

you want to feel sexy and comfortable in your own skin and stop being codependent of your friendships or your partner

The Core Curriculum


Not everyone is the right fit for work with us. But  if you're here, I believe that our match is perfect and I can't wait to be your holistic health coach! This is a new day for you. A new journey. A new process of healing. You'll think differently, speak differently and act differently. You'll radiate so much light that you will inspire the people you love to be light too. By changing your state of being, you are changing your world and the world around you. This Is Your Time!

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“The most significant change I'd was my Mindset. I feel more confident because I focused on what I really want.”

- sophie