Vitamin L Retreat 

Immerse yourself in the healing magic of Bali, 5-Night/6-Day Transformational Experience in a luxury jungle mansion that will make you feel like a King/Queen of the Jungle. The Vitamin L Retreat is a wellness with a focus on one-on-one individual care and offers guidance to get the freedom you need to create incredible changes in all areas of your life. 

a wellness retreat with a focus on deep healing

VS's first Retreat will be with an intimate group of Goddesses (max. 13-14 people) in Bali and will be a transformative experience. It will allow you to be taken to paradise at the same time as you carry out a deep transformation work to learn to live a dream life and become your healthiest, free and happy self.

If you are in the mood to give yourself a magical gift of Self-love, a real time for YOU, and feed yourself with amazing food, a lot of relaxation, fun, and knowledge... Then this it is your invitation!

give yourself permission to absorb the magical environment of Bali

A deep transformation:

How It Works

International travel restrictions remain in effect. We will only do the retreat when it is possible to travel to the location.

# 1 permission to enter in bali

The most important thing to do to find out how to book your spot is to be on the waiting list. Scroll down to add yourself to the list.

# 2 book your place

We promise a deep healing and a connection with people like you
- a moment of magic.

# 3 fly to bali and transform

The magical island of Bali, Indonesia, is known as "The Land of the Gods"

In January 2020, the two founders of VS were there and felt that they were the perfect place to hold a weeklong retreat. A retreat of deep love, connection, reflection, personal growth and a unique opportunity to bring people with the same interests on a journey of transformation and healing. Since then they contacted several locations and started preparing this event ... Everything was pending and the magic continued to happen. Contact with the VILLAGE OF DREAM. The village of a couple of Australian entrepreneurs and inspirers in Business for the founders of VS.

It is a luxury private villa with 3 floors and an infinity pool overlooking the forest, just 15 minutes from the famous (and epic) area of Canggu. A secret and inspiring place. A unique space, with breathtaking views and breathtaking Balinese landscapes. A secluded and peaceful village, with a wonderful team of staff on hand to meet the needs of the wonderful women who will be present at the Vitamin L Retreat.


get your vitamin L up!

Here's What You Need

A balanced moment between rest and learning

You will both love the sun, the relaxation (massages) around the infinity pool and go on an adventure to explore some of the tourist spots and see what the magical paradise of Bali has to offer, as you will watch and participate in several masterclasses , meditate every morning, have yoga sessions and BreathWork + EFT sessions, liberation ceremonies and healing therapies, creative and manifestation workshops + some surprises that we have for you!

Whatever your desire for this trip, know that you will have space and time to make your dreams come true with this retreat. We want you to be inspired and to gain motivation to CREATE YOUR LIFE.


Every day will start with meditation, optional yoga class, healthy breakfast and a VS-style morning routine. You will spend the mornings in workshops with Sara on well-being, self-esteem and exploring strategies to improve any area of ​​your life and excellent tools to help you on your journey to balance, health and happiness of the body and of mind. In your free time, you will have fun activities such as trips to different temples, magic waterfalls, shopping (the secret of living in society and being free, healthy and happy is to find a balance between the spiritual world and the material) and also sunbathing on the beach/village, enjoying the pool and reading. You'll also have access to a spa and different treatment (hello, massages!) So that you can fully relax from your stay with the VS family in Bali, and feel like a complete, true and incredible Goddess. Afternoons will be spent with more workshops given by special guests (names will be revealed at the time), enjoy more healthy food and relax.

You will have the experience of disconnecting from your mobile phone and you will be introduced to a rigorous military style (joke tone) of curfew at bedtime and during learning activities, workshops and ceremonies. We just want you to feel the true connection to yourself and to being superior and to start feeling refreshed, rested and completely rejuvenated day after day.

You will participate in a special excursion in the last days of the retreat to some of the favorite places in Bali by the founders of VS, to celebrate the transformational success of this experience together. And of course, watching the wonderful sunset.

Leading the Vitamin L Retreat as a holistic health coach is very rewarding because you can see the strong people change and grow. You feel that your teachings are supported by very beautiful, pure activities and rituals and you feel that you are receiving guidance from the Universe.


7.30 am | Meditation and Morning Routine

How does this sound?

8 am - 9 am | Yoga (Optional)

Not every day will be the same, but here is a sample so you can start to imagine your days in Bali. The initial idea is 4 days of learning (like the sample schedule) and 3 days of exploration and adventure (more detailed disclosure available soon)

9 am | Plant-Based Breakfast


10 am - 13 pm | Masterclass with Sara Brites


1 pm - 4 pm | Pool time, massages, lunch, one-on-one sessions (personal and intense), free time




4 pm - 5 pm | Workshops with beautiful, talented and experts guests

7.30 pm | Dinner (get ready for special outfit's to be released later, some of the dinners will have themes and powerful post-dinner ceremonies)



9 pm | Specific powerful ceremonies (Manifestation, Liberation, Healing, Creation)

10 pm | Bed (rest is as important as healing and learning)



Much More...

all human beings love surprises

In addition to workshops, meditations, ceremonies and optional yoga, the VS team will organize secret and special activities throughout the week to help you reconnect with your inner self, your true self and receive more vitamin L - LOVE

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We can’t wait to connect with you! We can't wait to see you in Bali!

“Each person needs to walk on their own feet to learn to live. We are like channels to teach you to build the life you want!”

sara and vanessa 
(your hosts)

Our mission as Lightworkers is to serve and bless, with our intuitive powers and inner guidance, women who need to make energy changes and release emotions. And this event is the right place for that.

Is This Right For You?

You need to finally make time for you...

You're overwhelmed by your daily life and want to start listen to your heart

YOu WANT TO connect with your truth

You want be more confident

you're ready for take action to create your own reality and healing yourself - embrace a deep transformation inside your mind

One of the most powerful things you can do for your life is to take responsibility. Take responsibility for everything that is happening in your life. When you accept that you are the only person responsible for your life, you automatically take control of it. This means taking full responsibility for the quality of your relationships, for your results, for your health. When you blame others, situations, the external, you have no control over your life. And you know what, this is the moment that you can start acting on that responsibility. Come to Bali!

Start Taking Responsibility
for Your Life

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A complete reset for those
ready for transformation.

- vs

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