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Manzul and Malik are TV hosts for RTBF Belgium and professional calisthenics athletes. They share what they learned from living as a holistic and motivational being , finding their passion, and being in the service of others. Plus, they give you 5 powerful tips to never give up on your dreams!

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How to Make a Big Career Change When You're Afraid to Fail with Mariana Martinho

The Fastest Way to Heal the Gut

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How to Reduce Exposure to Endocrine Disruptors with Dr. Cristiana Ferradaz

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Every week me or a special guest will share a new blog post about business, spirituality, health, welness, plant-based recipes, personal lessons and practical steps to inspire you. Here you'll find information to help you deepen your inner connection, co-create your dream life, live your purpose, change your mindset, improve your relationships and feel good inside and out!

Sasha Allan - a Medical Doctor & a Holistic Therapist - joins us to discuss what it means to heal the inner child, and how it influences the way we connect with others and experience the world, along with changing the stories and beliefs that keep us out of our true power.

Inner Child Healing Journey
With Dr Sasha Allan


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Dr. Catarina Lopes talks and clarifies about the missing piece in the intestinal wellness and healing puzzle - the reconnection with nature, with the origins and the implementation of a diversity of plants. 

Your Gut Health Questions Answered by Dr. Catarina Lopes


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Have you ever thought that peace, calm, love, courage and light is so accessible in you? It's true, through your breath! You'll find out all about it with the inspiring - yoga teacher - Sofia Mano.

Change the Way You Breathe and Change Your Life with Sofia Mano


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Isabella Vorccaro - one of the best nutritionists in Brazil and a reference for nutritionists who want an Integrative and Holistic view of Health and Lifestyle Medicine - comes to discuss integrative health and how our mind controls our body .

Health and Holistic Nutrition with Dr. Isabella Vorccaro


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Have you been struggling with self-confidence or maybe a feeling of not being worthy? You’re certainly not alone. So why not start TODAY changing your negative thoughts about yourself. Remember that when you act confident no one will question you!
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Five ways to level up your confidence today!!

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