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Our work and this website is a space where we share tools, practices, and techniques to help you meet the happiest, healthiest & most inspired
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The HealthStyle Emporium

Your 16-week online holistic health program that will nourish your mind, body & soul.

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The Healthstyle Emporium is an online program available worldwide. A program tailored to meet you where you currently are in your health journey and help you reach your individual goals to go wherever it is you want to go. Grab a tea or coffee and explore the program!

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One of the most important elements of creating your dream life is to let appreciation lead you. Whatever you appreciate, you create more of. Start right now making "gratitude" part of your day! The Gratitude List is a best-seller and award-winning journal. 

Luxury Gratitude Journal

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Our team of incredible wellness coaches have been inspiring and changing the of lives of over 33,000 people on a global scale. 

We are always looking to link arms with like minded, health focused people who are looking to help others reach their health goals. 

Join our Team!

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Work online & remotely, directly with us + The Healthstyle Emporium worldwide team

We've partnered with an amazing vegan luxury hair care brand that offers insane results and opportunities for work. Monat is the fastest growing luxury anti-ageing haircare and skincare company in the world. 

Become market partner (& have access to private mentoring with Vanessa), VIP customer (15% off and free shipping) or explore all the products. 

Currently operating in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, Spain, Lithuania and Australia.

Hair & Skin Care


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We Only Use Safe, Clinically Tested Ingredients. Safe Colourants. Safe Fragrances.
We Are Vegan and Animal-Friendly.

“At the end of this healing process, I felt like a different person, renewed and full of determination to achieve all my goals.”



About VS

We haven't always been on this self-development journey. We spent years and years, degrading our physical, mental and emotional health, with restrictive diets, negative thoughts, toxic relationships and stuck in a life that we didn't want... We haven't always been in great shape. But right now, by practicing what we preach, we feel fantastic.

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The VS Podcast is a lifestyle podcast that covers everything from modern spirituality, health and wellness, entrepreneurship, and self development. You can expand your mind, shift your perspective about life, & treat your body & mind with more love 

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Steal This Golden Rule for a Better Health

In order to heal or optimize your health, you must accept that good things can come easily when you have balance. Download my golden rule to achieve more health and become the healthier and happier of yourself! - Sara Brites

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The gateway to alignment with your highest self and finally experience body  image freedom, and start living a life you deserve. 


5 ways to level up your confidence today!

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